[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Stacey Board Trio
Born in the south, Stacey Board and her acoustic guitar now call Utah home. In her nine years in Utah, she has released 5 CDs ranging from solo acoustic to rocking with a full band. Readers of the Salt Lake City Weekly have three times awarded her “Best Folk/Acoustic Artist.” Her current release “Look to the Sun” has been described as “layered, restless and insistent” by the Missoula Independent. Current trio mates Melissa Warner and Jamie Dalton Round out her acoustic Americana sound with lovely harmonies and subtle textures. An award-winning songwriter with intelligence, wit and soul, Stacey Board and her.

Debri Graham Band
The Debi Graham Band consists of three extremely talented, highly energetic musicians. All seasoned in their field, each with a unique style, combined to make an illuminating collective. They have opened for the following major label performing artists Fiona Apple , Lucinda Williams , Sara Bettens (of K’s Choice ), Sierra Swan , Mozella , Kinky , The Samples and many more, as well as worked along side multi-grammy award winner Ruben Blades on his compilation to aid indie artist exposure. The trio has been featured in the internationally best-selling: Curve Magazine and have performed live on FOX , ABC , the Park.

Gearl Jam Reunion
Gearl Jam is an all-female group of singer/songwriters who take the stage as if in preparation for an old time, traditional song circle. Sitting in semi-circle formation with guitars in hand, these women are seemingly prepared to share their songs with you. What the audience receives, however, is an energetic, dynamic tour of acoustic possibilities. Fold, Rock and Funk are the trademarks that cover this indefinable group of powerfully, talented artists.
To be in the audience of one of Gearl Jam’s shows is unlike any other concert. You will not just.

Leraine Horstmanshoff
Leraine Horstmanshoff, a world-renowned singer/songwriter, has been touted as having ‘enough in her musical bag of tricks to defy almost any expectation’ (Brian Staker, The Event). Her vibrant physical presence offers no choice other than to listen and observe her inherent musical genius, which is her gift to humanity. On stage, and in person, she holds nothing back and is the embodiment of welcoming energy. A traveling minstrel from birth, Leraine has extensively traveled the world, becoming known for performances that are ‘honest, gritty [and] exude confidence and individuality.

Lisa Marie

Reared on the streets of Detroit and now emerging from the soul of Salt Lake city, Lisa Marie is “Awakening” as an artist of smoldering abandon. her passion and soul blend gospel with funk, as her haughty style imagines an unrepentant Baptist choir girl unleashed upon a congregation of new believers. with a fearless edge and uncompromising spirit her rouge vocals herald a relentless call for soulful honesty and brutal conviction. A haunting fusion Janis Joplin, Beth Hart and Joni Mitchell, she electrifies and inspires audiences with a loud and raucous, joyful noise. To listen is to journey to the heart of.

Lost by Reason
Information coming soon!This dynamic trio is hard to resist. Based in Salt Lake City and touring nationally, Lost by Reason is an enticing blend of three vibrant women: guitarist Katie Lloyd with her powerful voice and lyrics; Carol Dalrymple with her earth moving bass, violin, and vocal harmonies; and soulful, musical Jamie Backman on drums and percussion. Best classified as alternative folk rock, Lost by Reason appeals to a wide variety of audiences, and delivers music you will want to hear again and again.

Wendy Ohlwiler
Wendy picked up guitar and started singing and writing songs in late ’97. Her first gig was the Moab Arts Festival. After playing for about 6 months Ohlwiler recorded a 3 song EP Pave the Planet which made the SL CityWeekly’s local top 50. The record was a collaboration with some of the area’s finest musicians, Drummer-Adam Sorensen formerly of the Jackmormons and the Melissa Warner band, Guitarist-David Prill formerly of the Melissa Warner band, the Stacey Board Band, and JW’s Blackout, and Rich Daigle of the Swing Gorillas.

Sister Wives
Ranging from soulful blues to fiery rock to all-out jam band, the Sister Wives defy the conventional norms typically set for all-women bands with a range and depth of their musical energy and virtuosity. The Sister Wives display a multitude of musical attitudes in a style that is part Stevie Ray Vaughn, a dash of Sippie Wallace, and a little Allman Brothers. Sister Wives are: Mona Stevens on lead vocals, rhythem guitars and harmonica; Jesse Luckett on lead guitar and vocals; Jani Gamble on bass and vocals; Amy Boettger on drums and vocals. “They’re unique and they’re special. The biggest appeal for me is their energy.

Mary Tebbs
Singer/songwriter Mary Tebbs started her musical adventure in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989 when a couple of friends heard her make up a song on the spot after her first run in with José Cuervo. The song “Substance Abuse” set Mary on her way to sharing her personality through song. Since that time she’s been writing, singing and playing whenever she can and has been recognized and awarded for her songwriting and live performances. She formed her first band in 1992 and has found her true love is not only writing but sharing her.

Trace Wiren
Rising from the ashes of the highly acclaimed SLC band My Sister Jane, Trace has truly come into her own as a musician and singer/songwriter in the last few years, winning both The Helper Arts Festival singer/songwriter contest and receiving an artist grant from the Utah Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts, not to mention opening for such luminaries as The Samples, Rory Block, Odetta and Pete Seeger to name a few, surprising even herself at times. With influences ranging from Neil Young to Cat Power — and never one to shy away from her southern musical roots, Trace has used everything.

Kathryn Warner
Singer/songwriter Kathryn Warner is an extraordinary vocalist, a gifted songwriter and a talented musician. Most recognized for her crystal clear, powerhouse voice, Kathryn captivates her listeners and gives them her heart and soul weather she is singing blues, ballads, funk or gospel. Kathryn Warner describes her music as “Folk with Soul,” and is known for taking audiences with her insightful songs about life, beautiful ballads, and her humorous play on love and relationships. Kathryn has toured nationally and has performed over 600 shows in 44 of the 50 states, Canada and South America. With two albums.

Elise West
Elise’s music has a purpose and an identity that continues to inspire all who listen to her music. Her experiences with the loss of family (her younger brother Scott, who took his life at the young age of 28, her older brother, Bryan, who died at age 39 from AIDS and her best friend and mother passed away suddenly in Feb. 2002) has given her the opportunity to learn from life’s tough lessons and heartaches and has been her main inspiration and passion behind her unique musical style. Elise West is a very sensitive and innovative composer/performer. Her fresh piano stylings take the listener to a softer, quieter.

Zari Le’on Dance Theater
Zari Le’on studies the effects of the human condition at the turn of the century through movement invention. Zari Le’on has taught and choreographed at Mills College, University of San Francisco, Oberlin Dance Collective, Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, and most recently the Alvin Ailey camp, and presented academic work at the Empowering Women of Color Conference at UC Berkeley and the National Association of Ethnic Studies Conference in Philadelphia. Zari Le’on has danced with Savage Jazz, choreographed for pop sensation Keyshia Cole and was invited to tour nationally with the Punany.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]