[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox – Her humble beginnings and passion for music have driven the 25-year old Crystal Bowersox to become one of the most recognized young voices and up and coming singer/songwriters in America, and soon, beyond. Crystal’s emotive folk-rock-country style was catapulted from the cramped coffeehouses and cavernous subway tunnels of Chicago to millions of homes across America when she placed second on last year’s season of American Idol.
Raining Jane

Raining Jane is an acoustic, indie-rock band driven by deep dedication to music and an independent spirit. The four band members first got together in 1999 in the UCLA music scene and have since built a career that continues to evolve and influence others.

Jen Foster

Jen Foster is an award-winning singer/songwriter who regularly sells out shows across the country. Her special bond with her fans creates a captive audience anxious to hear her stories and take in her unique sense of humor.

Andrea Gibsonr

Andrea Gibson – “Gibson is among the nation’s most admired and emulated poets. Her verse is at once personal and political, feminist and universal, filled with incinerating verbs and metaphor, and delivered with gut punching urgency.”

Debi Graham Band

Debi Graham Band consists of three powerhouse musicians combined to make an illuminating aggressive acoustic funk-rock collective. They’ve been around the block opening for well-known artists Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Sara Bettens (of K’s Choice), Sierra Swan, Mozella, Kinky, The Samples and many more.

Adrianne Gonzalez

Adrianne Gonzalez – Adrianne (AG) has been heard on tv shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Ghost Whisperer, In Plain Sight, Studio 60, Men in Trees and One Tree Hill, and has played with Bonnie Raitt, Tegan and Sara, and Jeff Buckley. She is also in The Rescues, on Universal Records.

Victoria Lagerström

Victoria Lagerström – Victoria’s soft soul-jazz voice is like a young to midaged Joni Mitchell.” – Meadowmusic, Sweden. A native of Sweden, singer/songwriter Victoria Lagerström’s unique soulful voice, soaring melodies and earnest lyrics give her a strong appeal to audiences in Europe and the U.S. Although influenced by artists like Billie Holiday, Gladys Knight, and Eva Cassidy, Lagerström’s sound is distinctly her own.

Shannon McNally

Shannon McNally – With her earthy, bluesy voice and fresh, unbridled approach to songwriting, Shannon McNally carries the great blues and blues-rock tradition on to new generations of fans who already appreciate bands like the North Mississippi All Stars, Warren Haynes, and others who have gained footholds on the jam band and blues festival circuit — and turning jam band fans into blues fans can’t be a bad thing.

Renee Plant

Renee’ Plant – I started playing the piano at age five being taught by a great classical instructor which led me into many years of classical competitions and performances. This then led into attending college as a piano performance major. My guitar adventure began at the age of 10 when I taught myself an old John Denver tune, Country Roads.

Megan Slankard

Megan Slankard – Though only in her 20′s, singer-songwriter Megan Slankard has independently sold nearly 30,000 copies of four independently released CDs. Megan’s newest release, A Token Of The Wreckage, is an edgy alt-rock release that is a breath of fresh air, gleaming, grooving, and gritty, with thoughtful construction and clever wordplay.


TOBY – she wears her emotions, thoughts and adventures on her sleeve as clearly as the delighted smile she sports while playing. It’s that chemistry and connection – in between plenty of dancing and jumping from both sides – that makes each performance so strikingly unique and deliciously unpredictable.
Natalia Zukerman

Natalia Zukerman – With diverse influences that include Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Country and even Classical, Natalia Zukerman has been described by public radio as “an example of the finest Americana.” She combines her unique slide guitar playing style with seductive vocals, a painter’s observing eye, unapologetic writing, and sharp wit. Zukerman’s music is as riddled with urban restlessness as it is grounded in rootsy warmth – a welcome contradiction.

Lynsey Shelar & Stanie Todd

Lynsey Shelar & Stanie Todd – Lynsey Shelar has been studying the violin/fiddle since the age of four. Hailing from Kansas City, she now resides in Torrey, UT where she gladly practices, professes and performs with her violin. Stanie Todd is a Torrey, UT resident who has been slapping the spoons together for over 30 years. She has had the honor of playing the rhythm spoons with most musicians traveling through Torrey. Lynsey and Stanie hope you find a new use for those old kitchen spoons after you hear their old-time bluegrass fiddle’n’spoons duo.

Georgette Leventis

Georgette Leventis – Emcee – Georgette is convinced that she was a talented and independent rocker chick in a former life. This time around she is navigating with a highly active social conscience, less talent, and a deep love and appreciation for passionate music and creative expression.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]