Women's Redrock Music Festival | About Us

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Mission Statement

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The Women’s Redrock Music Festival fosters local arts and the economic development of Wayne County by empowering independent women and gender diverse musicians from Utah and around the world.


Our Story

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The festival, founded and organized by Carol Gnade, Jeri Tafoya, Laurie Wood, and Lu Prickett attracts women from all over the country and many from around the world. The festival has already sold tickets to music lovers from as far away as Hungary, South Africa and Australia. Last year’s festival drew a crowd of over 500. The Festival organizers plan to keep the Festival at its current size, getting better rather than bigger. The non-profit festival benefits women (through donations and scholarships) throughout Utah. But beyond these benefits, the organizers see the Festival as a gift to everyone involved. Gnade explains, “The Women’s Redrock Music Festival gives independent female musicians, from all over, a magical setting to perform in Southeastern Utah. Their positive experience at past festivals has created a great reputation for WRMF, which draws new performers and attendees each year.”

This Festival is also a gift for the surrounding small rural communities who are exposed to music and people that they might not otherwise encounter. During the Festival weekend, these small towns are busy with talented musicians, and energized men and women, who enrich this community with their dollars and enthusiasm.

We are now under the non-profit umbrella of the local Entrada Institute, a non- profit organization that has worked in Torrey for 20 years dedicated to preserving the red rock country, the Colorado Plateau and it’s heritage through arts and education.”


Our Leadership

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