Women’s RedRock Music Festival began with a simple mission:
To empower and support independent women musicians from around the U.S. and the world by providing a beautiful and intimate venue to bring their music to the public.
And while many people were involved in bringing women’s music to Torrey – beginning with Laura School inviting women musicians to play weekends at the bookstore to the founders creating an annual festival – in the end, Women’s RedRock Music Festival is about a movement and its brave pioneers.
It’s about passing the courage, passion, inspiration and support to the next generation.  To that end, WRMF and Estrada want to create a sustainable program – The Legacy Program – that communicates the gift of the music, the place of belonging it creates and our hopes for the future.
One piece of the Legacy program celebrates the women’s music movement and its beginnings.  To do so, WRMF will annually feature a Legacy Artist, someone who broke ground for women in the music industry and thereby made it easier for women to get stage time and recognition.
By performing at WRMF, The Legacy Artist will remind those familiar with her music of just how far we have come.  a the same time, new and younger audiences will be introduced to the music along with the history of women’s music.
The second piece of the Legacy Program represents a commitment to seek out and nurture new and emerging artists in order to sustain the women’s music movement.  Each year WRMF/Entrada will award a new songwriter/artist grant.  The young/new artist elected as the next-generation recipient will receive a $1,000 grant to assist her in the wiring/recording of new works.  In addition, she will be contracted to perform the following year as part of the WRMF lineup.
Th WRMF/Entrada Legacy program will be funded by people like you.  People who believe that music by women for everyone is not only important but is necessary for our well being.  If you are interested in being a sustaining contributor to the WRMF/Entrada Legacy Program, please see the WRMF website at womensredrockmusicfest.com.
By honoring the past and supporting the future, WRMF/Entrada Legacy Program is dedicated to continue its mission for generation to come.
Previous Legacy Artist
Holly Near, 2017
Previous Legacy Emerging Artists
Sarah DeGraw, 2017