Camille Bloom

Camille Bloom – Gibson endorsed international touring artist, releases her 8th studio album, and 5th full length “Pieces of Me”. “This album encompasses all of the parts of me – the producer and the artist, the folker and the rocker, the balladeer and the brazen. I am so thrilled to be releasing an album that encompasses all parts of me.” Camille Bloom has spent the past 10 years touring the U.S. and Europe, and has gained notoriety in some of today’s best publications including Performing Songwriter, M Music Mag, and No Depression who called Camille “a One Woman Army” She also earned enough hard core fans to crowd-fund $27,000 to build her own studio and record and produce her new record.


Praise for the talented musician has not been just from the LGBT community, however as Music Connection Magazine asserted “It doesn’t take too long to fall in love with Camille Bloom. She is funny, down to earth and just an excellent songwriter . . . whether solo or supported, Bloom’s touring career has a bright future.” Additionally, the publication listed Bloom in its Top 100 Unsigned artists of 2012. No Depression calls Camille “a one woman army” and national publication M-Music & Musicians asserted that “Camille Bloom earns a place among such quirk folk queens as Suzanne Vega, Ani Difranco and the Indigo Girls. But there’s more to this Seattle area songwriter than unplugged self-reflection.”





June 2, 2018


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