Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser was your typical first-year college student, performing isolated open mic nights at her local coffee shops and making videos on her YouTube page, when she auditioned for season four of “The Voice.”   The judges were overwhelmed with affection, and the world watching was smitten.   Ultimately, she didn’t win the highly-rated vocal competition, but she made a real connection with an instant fan base begging for more.  Glaser will be the first to admit she is only a handful of steps into a long uphill road ahead, but is embracing this exciting opportunity to further develop as an “indie-folk” artist.  The singer-songwriter is ever so grateful for the fans who encourage her along the way, and ecstatic to start playing and releasing music for them. Her unique vocals are apparent on her YouTube video of “Roller Coaster”


June 4, 2015


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