Hunter Valentine

Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Hunter Valentine started out in Toronto in 2005 when original members Kiyomi McClosky and Laura Petracca formed the group and self-financed their first EP. Since then the group has put out three full-length albums. The band claims that their “blatant disregard for a typical girl-group sound has garnered them international attention.”

Laura Petracca comes from a long line of drummers in her family and she knew she was destined for the spotlight since the day she could speak. She’s the “wild child” of the group on drums and vocals. She says about performing live, “What I want the most from the fans is a rowdy crowd dancing and enjoying the music.”

The official websites says “Kiyomi [McCloskey] the band’s lead vocals and guitar, “is a half human, half sashimi rockstar whose voice is the wasabi to your soy sauce.” She lists Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, Lucinda Williams and Janis Joplin as influences. She was on the third season of the series The Real L Word on Showtime.


May 30, 2016


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