Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod’s voice is said to sound as pure as water from a mountain stream. And while singing from the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, her highly acclaimed songs often precede her as other artists sing them on stages across the country. Her songs compel music publications such as Sing Out! Magazine to claim that Kate MacLeod “channels the spirit of the great Carter Family classics.” She has opened for artists such as Rosanne Cash, Dan Fogelberg and Greg Brown, but performs winning concerts of her own across the country. Her songwriting style and live performances display an unbreakable link between traditional music and cutting-edge contemporary songwriting. A songwriter and fiddle player, she has written music based on historic events and personalities, a collection of songs based on books, and some commissioned for cultural projects. Whether in a song or on her violin, she captures our history, our landscapes, and our lives in the varied music that she creates. This is no more obvious than in current projects she is developing. Kate is now in the process of recording sessions for her original violin pieces, with an accompanying tune book, and a collection of music inspired by the region of Utah.




May 30, 2017


2017 Performers