Mala Maña

Mala Maña, New Mexico’s own Women’s Voice and Drum Ensemble, draws its inspiration from the rhythms of Afro-Colombia’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts, but does not stop there: woven into the mix are Caribbean reggaton,  African-American traditional, Salsa, Mexican cumbia, and their own cumbia-inspired original compositions. Like a collective, Mala Maña consists of 7 women who share diverse backgrounds in African and Latin pop, flamenco dance, and Mexican norteño music. Their love for the rhythm-inspired music of Colombia’s coastal people brought this vision of diversely-talented women together to offer a unique and exciting tapestry of many voices and many drums. Mala Maña’s members are: Chava Tuckman, Alyson Steinman, Lydia Garcia, Maria Teresa Guevara, Lupe Mendoza, Carolina Acuña, Cristina Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian.


June 4, 2015


2015 Performers