Mary Tebbs

Mary Tebbs has been called the Ellen DeGeneres of singer/songwriters. It’s not unusual for her off-the-cuff, quick-witted and endearing performance style to have you laughing in one moment and crying the next. The Las Vegas Weekly says, “Tebbs is full of weathered innocence, dealing with love, sensuality and heartache, building it all on a solid foundation of blues and slow mountain funk.” A pretty accurate description. Since 1995 she has garnered many awards for her songwriting claiming the Best Songwriter, Best Solo Performer, Best Folk/Acoustic (Salt Lake City Weekly), and receiving a national nomination for Best Jazz Song from GLAMA (Gay Lesbian American Music Awards – based in New York City). Mary’s new release Landscape of Love Vols. 1 & 2 shares songs that travel across the many different emotions that arise from a love relationship – attraction, longing, desire, anger, heartache. It’s a moving listening experience and one that many people can relate to. The fan favorite, “Beautiful” tells the story of finding the guts to tell someone you’re attracted to the truth about your attraction. The City Weekly says, “Tebbs’ voice is warm and slightly lower, reminding me of the vibrato-rich voice of Lucinda Williams, and any instrumental accompaniment—mostly acoustic guitar and lap steel—on the album is deftly done, allowing that voice to shine,” and “…no song ever falls into the category of ‘typical love song’ because Tebbs’ songwriting is so thought provoking and fresh…” Mary’s music is about sensuality, inspiration, honesty and humor. Her performances are about laughter, reality, rawness, and connection. The City Weekly has described her songs as “Swinging music that’s not afraid to wear its heart on two or three sleeves.” Well said. Mary adapts warmth, richness, and the down-to-earth realness of simplicity. She is original, entertaining, and real. Listen and enjoy.




May 30, 2017


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