Sarah DeGraw and the Odd Jobs

The song “Gypsy Woman” might best depict the sound and style of this band. It starts out tame with blues licks leading the way through the atmospheric backing of the main descending riff and ends with a Pink Floyd-esque transition into an oozing rock and roll guitar solo all the while DeGraw’s powerful and sultry vocals carry the tune through it’s dynamic rises and falls. It’s the whole package.

With energy like 1960’s rock and roll founders, to the reeled in 1971 center stage arena feel, this band plays a range of original material that’ll keep you wanting more.


Like The Family Von Trapp, DeGraw was born into a traveling band and by age 5 was singing in five-part harmony with her siblings and mother touring across the country. At age seven she would receive her first instrument: the cello, and the rest is history.

From piano, guitar, drums, cello, and last but far from the least, vocals, this singer-songwriter “packs a punch” according to January 2017 City Weekly magazine article advertising a sold out show at the State Room in SLC, UT.


Since their start in September 2016, Sarah Anne DeGraw and “The Odd Jobs”, local prodigies; Michael Sasich (lead guitar), Greg Shaw (bass), and Joey Davis (drums), this band has been in high demand since their start in SLC, UT. With the debut album on the horizon, this train won’t be long in the station.


Keep an eye out for this one.





June 2, 2018


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