Sarah Potenz

Sarah Potenza’s press notices offer the best insight into how her voice affects audiences: “Emmylou Harris once famously said that Lucinda Williams could sing the chrome right off a trailer hitch; here’s betting that Potenza could belt it clear off the Airstream attached to it (Boston Herald). “Had Bonnie Raitt and Johnny Cash shared DNA, the results would produce Sarah Potenza” (Kansas City Blues Society). “Sarah Potenza brought the house down with her bigger-than-life blues, the epitome of the phrase ‘man, does she have PIPES!’” (Static Multimedia).  After being eliminated from “The Voice” earlier this year, Potenza told Brimley’s Brianna Rose: “The biggest career highlight for me has been being on The Voice. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done. And don’t get me wrong, playing at The Bluebird is incredible, and it’s something I’m lucky enough to get to do a couple times a year. Getting to sing at The Opry was incredible, but getting to sing on The Voice was a dream I’ve had my whole life. Like when I was a kid, me and my dad used to make tapes and send them to Ed McMahon because I wanted to be on Star Search. So getting to fulfill that dream was incredible. Even though I’m bummed it’s over, what a checkmark off your bucket list! Fifty thousand people audition every season, and I was in the Top Twenty? I mean, that’s nuts.”


June 4, 2015


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