Sick of Sarah

Spin Magazine says of the group, “The women who make up this Minnesota quartet bow at the altar of riot grrls’ days gone by while simultaneously thumbing their noses at scowling chick-rock clichés. The songs are as bracing as they are familiar….”

Before moving to Minneapolis, Abisha Uhl, who was born in Bahrain and moved to Okinawa Japan when she was 9 months old, started her career on drums. Once she got her first guitar, she hit the streets of Okinawa singing songs for candy. After high school, in 2005, she moved to Minnesota and started a band.

Hailing from Glenwood, Iowa, Jessica Forsythe started her music career in school band on the flute. She soon realized she was a drummer and begged her Mom to let her switch. After playing snare drum all through high school, she landed her first real band with The Ben Lehl Band in Des Moines. In 2009, Sick of Sarah played a show in Des Moines with The BLB and Jessica joined Abisha shortly after that.

The original band includes singer Abisha, lead vocals and guitar and Jessica, drums and backup vocals. The band’s current line up includes Ari Applewhite, Jack Swagger, Paul Jackowiak, Jessica Forsythe, and Abisha Uhl. ‘


May 30, 2016


2016 Performers