Talia Keys and the Ease

Talia Keys (appearing with friends Mary Tebbs, Secily Saunders and Hillary Mauerman) has been making a name for herself.  She currently is the face of Salt Lake City’s newest re-branding campaign, SKi City, licensing  her original song “Me”  and being filmed as the centerpiece for their commercial.  A Utah native, she’s played for the last six years all over her home state, nationally and in Europe. Last summer she took Gemini Mind, her one woman live looping show across the United States.  In 2014, Catalyst Magazine wrote that Talia “describes her young self as a shy, sport-playing, Catholic-school-going, bowl-cut wearing Elvis impersonator. She claims she is still very shy; by her down-to-earth off-stage presence and her rock star on-stage presence, you start to get the idea she has quite a duality to her. Not surprisingly, she’s a Gemini. ‘As soon as I get on stage I’m a different person. Something takes over I don’t really know how to explain.’ Her unique onstage charisma and sassy vocals have a way of capturing the audience.”
Between playing solo with Gemini Mind and gigging with her band Marinade, Talia stays busy yet still finds time to book/schedule talent for regional music festival Roots of the Rocks Revival, organize specialized performances, attend plenty of live concerts, and play an occasional show with a female super group.



June 4, 2015


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