The Blu Janes

The Blu Janes are a Hip-Hop duo formed by MC Genesis Blu from Houston Texas and Multi-Instrumentalist Kristen Ford from Nashville, TN. Together they make Conscious music to move your soul and your soles. Genesis Blu is a RAPPER + ACTIVIST = RAPTIVIST. Genesis tabled her psychotherapy Ph.D for a career in music and advocacy. In a recent interview with NPR, Genesis explains how early childhood experiences with bullying, activism, and gentrification led her to write Bluming Season. Determined to use her voice in music as a form of healing and protest, Genesis planted her feet in the rap game and in 2014 won the Matthew Knowles artist showcase. By 2016, Genesis was named Best Rapper in Houston by the Houston Press, the first woman to ever win the title. Often compared to the great MC Lyte due to her ability to rock a crowd on stage, Genesis’ influences include Nas, Tupac, and Lauryn Hill. Kristen Ford has been creating music and performing across 48 states and 3 continents since her debut record in 2008 produced by women’s music legend June Millington. Kristen has often existed in blurred lines, growing up in a multiracial family, living in 6 states before her 18th birthday and loving all genres of music from heavy metal to jazz to folk and rap. Pursuing her dream to play music full time, in route to Austin’s SXSW music festival brought her to Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas. On this, rainy fateful night in March 2015 a rapper named Genesis Blu was also on the bill. Transfixed by her performance, Kristen asked Genesis to start a project. The played the following week together in Austin and struck up a friendship. Thus The Blu Janes was born. The two have swapped ideas over the internet and phone calls, recorded together in Houston, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. They have released a self-titled EP and perform at a growing number of festivals. This improbable band has much to say and has only begun to leave their mark on the world. New music is currently being tested on a summer festival tour with a new record planned for late 2018.





June 2, 2018


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